Traveling to London with children

The family that travels together stays together. Traveling is a great way to enjoy with children, to offer them the opportunity to know other worlds, other people and cultures different from yours. Also, it will be a experience that will bring us closer to them.

But to travel with children, you have to to plan travel differently, including places, visits and activities suitable for them. Today I wanted to offer you some tips to discover London in the company of your children. You will enjoy it to the fullest!

Places designed for the little ones

Knowing the London capital together with children will give you the opportunity to discover some places from new points of view. Also, watching them enjoy will be a pleasure, right? Here are some interesting places for them.

- London Eye. The gigantic Ferris wheel offers the best panoramic views of the city. Children will love going up to one of its 32 cabins, each with capacity for 25 people.

- London Zoo. More than 14.5 hectares of fun among monkeys, lions or penguins. It has a children's area where, at certain times, children can help caregivers feed the animals. Outdoor activities are also held.

- Aquarium, where the kids can contemplate up to six aquatic environments represented: from the river lagoons to the coral reefs, the swamps and, of course, the seabed. At County Hall.

- Tower of London. Interesting for everyone, but also for children. In it you can learn more about the history of the British monarchy, as well as admire the crown jewels. A fun culture spot.

- Battersea Park. A huge park located in South London, with gardens, a lake, a deer enclosure and a children's zoo. You can rent bicycles or boats to row on the lake. It's on Albert Bridge Road.

- Princess Diana Memorial Park, at Kensington Gardens. It is perfect to go with children. It was inaugurated in the year 2000 and its main theme is the adventures of Peter Pan (there is even a great pirate ship to play with).

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