Go hiking in Cuba

The trekking It is one of the outdoor activities that has become the most fashionable in recent years, and many people around the world decide to visit cities on their vacations where they can practice it. One of the perfect countries for hiking is Cuba, which has many natural sites that offer a spectacular opportunity to practice it while enjoying a beautiful landscape.

There you will find many hiking trails that will make your vacation an unforgettable and very special experience. Here are some of the best routes you can find in this country:

Route through the Sierra Maestra Mountains

It is one of the most spectacular routes since there is not only a wonderful landscape but its flora and fauna is really interesting. Doing all this route you will reach the highest peak in the country, the Turquino Peak, and from there you will see an incredible panoramic view.

Pinar del Río route

It is one of the best for hikers, also being one of the most visited places on the entire island. In all its paths you will discover native flora and fauna, as well as very interesting places. Among those places is the Soroa Botanical Garden, which has one of the most beautiful orchid gardens in the world, or also the Viñales Valley, which has the honor of being a World Heritage Site.

Route through the Topes de Collantes

The last of the routes that I recommend is the one that will take you through the Topes de Collantes, where you can discover a landscape of great beauty with many hills and spectacular valleys. It is also one of the most difficult routes since it has several slopes, so it is recommended only for people who already have some experience with hiking. It is worth it because when you reach its end there is a tropical jungle that leads to such beautiful places as Caburní or Cueva Batata.

Hike Viñales National Park, Cuba, Episode 151 (March 2023)

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