What to eat in Egypt

In Hard Hobbit To Break We have already spoken on previous occasions about how important it is to discover the gastronomy of each place we visit, a very important part of the culture and traditions of any city, town or country. Today I would like to write about the egyptian gastronomy, which is influenced by cuisines such as the Mediterranean, the African and the Arab, with which its mixture of flavors and textures is spectacular.

The most characteristic thing about this gastronomy is that it is very varied, and although it mixes flavors from many cuisines, that mixture is always pleasant, which results in exquisite dishes. Among the most used products stands out the aish, which is a bread made with a dough of different flours. Fuul, fat brown beans garnished with lemon, are also seen in many dishes.

Typical dishes of Egypt

Mezze: it is a starter that is eaten cold and has an oriental origin. It is served in small pots and they are similar to the canapes here.

Mashi: it is a dish made with rice and meat and accompanied with tomato, aubergines, green peppers and grape leaves.

Tabbouleh: parsley and wheat semolina salad that has a very characteristic slightly acidic flavor.

Hummus: This dish is made with mashed chickpeas and sesame paste.

Koshari: They are several overlapping layers of rice, macaroni and lentils with tomato sauce.

Typical desserts from Egypt

Among the most famous desserts are those that have nuts as the protagonists. They highlight the om ali (bread with nuts, coconut and raisins) and the baklava (a dough filled with walnuts with mead).

Typical drinks from Egypt

Among the most typical drinks is the ersoos (liquor with a strong flavor and smell), zahib (similar to pomace) or yasoon (similar to anise).

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