The Children's Museum in Costa Rica

Costa Rica It is a country with a very varied tourism and where you can find not only excellent beaches but also very interesting and curious buildings, monuments and museums. In Saint Joseph, the capital, is where you find more cultural tourism offers, with a multitude of museums and a very rich and varied multicultural heritage. Today I would like to write about one of those museums, but a museum that is not at all conventional.

It's about him Kid's museum, a building that until the 80s was a penitentiary that contained unpleasant stories. Since its reopening in 1991, the building has been the Costa Rican Center for Science and Culture or the Fundación Ayúdanos para Ayudar. The current museum opened its doors in April 1994, and many projects are carried out in it that have to do with the education and training of the little ones.

A large space

Almost 4,000 m2 of space in which there are not only several exhibitions They also organize various activities aimed not only at children, but some are also for the whole family. It is not a traditional museum as it is more dedicated to promoting play, creativity, social interaction, curiosity, freedom and spontaneity for the little ones.

Much to learn

Among the areas into which it is divided are "The Universe, the Earth and the Living Beings", "Playing in the city", "Communications", "The Human Being", "Physical Sciences", "Playing with numbers and shapes »And« Center for the Arts ». In each of these zones, children can learn about various themes while having fun. The objective of each of the exhibitions and activities held here is to promote solidarity, friendship, love, tolerance, justice, loyalty and respect among the little ones.

Costa Rica Children's Museum (May 2023)

  • Saint Joseph
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