The best festivals in Europe

The festivals They are very attractive events that can focus on various themes and that become a great point of interest for any visitor. In fact, there are people who visit a city just to attend a specific festival, thus having the opportunity to discover other places or events that may also be in that city.

Music, theater, dance festivals… there is a great variety around the world, although today I would like to write about the best that are held in Europe, which are undoubtedly very varied and worthwhile enjoy live at least once in a lifetime. Take note of this varied selection in which are some of the best:

Bayreuth Opera Festival

is celebrated in the Margrave Opera Theater, in Bayreuth (Germany), a building that was not long ago named a World Heritage Site. Held from July 25 to August 28, it is one of the world's most prestigious opera festivals. It only represents works by the German composer Richard Wagner since the idea of ​​this festival was his.

Dubrovnik Festival

This festival is the largest cultural event in Croatia and has been celebrated for more than 60 years. It is a very varied festival in which the best international artists in classical music, theater, dance and opera perform. It is celebrated between July and August through the most emblematic streets and squares of this city.

Verona Arena

In the Roman Coliseum You will not only discover a fascinating history of this Italian city, Verona, but since the beginning of September you can enjoy its festival, which next year will celebrate its 90th edition. It represents some of the best-known works: Aída, Carmen, Romeo y Julieta or Don Giovanni.

Puccinian Festival

It is celebrated in the city of Lake Tower, in Italy, in an open-air theater. Here Puccini was born, who created the festival, hence its name. Various operas and also ballet are performed, always with the best Italian artists on stage.

Galway Arts Festival

This Irish festival is celebrated in Galway in the second half of July and it is the largest and most famous in the whole country, bringing together followers from all over the world. It is a festival where you can enjoy many disciplines and that welcomes artists, writers and musicians of various nationalities. It has an impressive program with concerts, plays, dance, conferences, street shows or visual art.

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