What to see in Reus

Reus It is a city that is in the province of Tarragona and was once famous for the production of brandy. It covers almost 60 km2 and is around 100,000 inhabitants, and is perfect for both a vacation and a weekend getaway. From here was Gaudi, which not only makes it very famous, but its great heritage can be seen in its architecture, with avant-garde design thanks to the phenomenal artist.

It is about 110 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​so if you are going to be there it is advisable to at least take a jump to enjoy it for a day. It is 12 kilometers from Salou, one of the most important and famous towns in the Golden Coast Catalan, and also very close to many other coastal towns. Reus is said to be a shopping paradise, especially when it comes to designer products.

Places of interest

Among the many places worth visiting is the Bofarull Palace (houses the Conservatory of Music), the Palacio dels Marquesos de Tamarit, Casa Cochs, Casa Rull (houses the Municipal Institute of Cultural Action), the Bell Tower of the Prioral de San Pedro (it is in the Plaza de Sant Pere, a of the most beautiful), the Castell del Cambrer, the Bank of Spain (houses the Museu Salvador Vila-Seca) or the Town Hall. There is also a modernism route that takes you through several interesting buildings.

Reus gastronomy

We can not leave any city without tasting any product of its gastronomy. In addition to having several particularities shared with the gastronomy of the province of Tarragona in general, there are several products that are exclusively from Reus. The most famous is the Hazelnut from Reus, a fruit that can be taken as an aperitif or as an ingredient in multiple dishes, desserts or drinks. There you can find it in shell, with whole grain or toasted. As for the drinks, the Plim It is the most typical and is made from fruit juice.

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