What to see in Almería

Almeria It is one of the most interesting Andalusian cities, with a great variety of places of interest and truly spectacular monuments. In addition, it also has beaches, so it is a perfect city to enjoy good weather relaxing in the sun but complementing that with very interesting cultural tourism. If you still do not know this city, it will be totally worth it to make a small getaway or go on a long vacation.

Capital of the province of the same name, it is 166 km from Granada, 200 from Malaga or 219 from Murcia. A city with almost 200,000 inhabitants, who become many more during the summer season. Take note of the most interesting that you can see there:


The Alcazaba It is the most important of all the sights of the city. A spectacular fortress that forms one of the most important medieval monumental ensembles in our country and was built in the 10th century. They are three enclosures, the first two being Muslim in design and the other Christian, so the mix is ​​spectacular. It is also worth visiting the Jayrán Cisterns, Arab cisterns that several centuries ago served to supply water to the city.

Religious temples

The most prominent is the Cathedral, which began to be built in 1524 and was ready almost 40 years later. In one of its interior chapels is the famous image "Christ of listening". It is also worth seeing the Church of Santiago, founded by the Catholic Monarchs and which is in the Renaissance style although it was originally Mudejar.


One of the most interesting is the Almería Archaeological Museum, in which you will discover pieces from prehistory to the Islamic era. It is closed on Mondays, and on Tuesdays it is only open in the afternoon.

Top 15 Things To Do In Almeria, Spain (April 2021)

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