Travel to Punta del Este in Uruguay

Punta del Este is located in Uruguay. To be more exact, it is located on the strip of land that separates the La Plata River and the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for being one of the most popular natural spas in Latin America. But for the Travellers Younger is an essential destination since it is known as the Ibiza of South America.

Punta del Este has a boulevard and a port with a wide mooring capacity. Gorlero Avenue is the one that runs along the entire promenade and in it we find all kinds of activities, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, casinos, shopping centers, etc. In the season of summer the city receives a significant number of tourists. Those who visit the area the most are Argentines and Brazilians, but in recent years North American and European tourism has been growing.

In Punta Ballena, to the west of Punta del Este, is Casapueblo. Its construction lasted about 36 years and was the work of the Uruguayan painter and sculptor Carlos Páez Vilaró who used it as a retirement home and for vacations. Today you can visit the Museum and its art gallery.

The Gorriti island It is another place that tourists cannot miss. It is a nature reserve declared national heritage, so construction is prohibited. In the west bay we find Playa Onda. In summer it is the meeting place for sailboats and yachts. In the northern part is Puerto Jardín and in the eastern part, Canyon port. Here a small dock awaits us for commercial vessels.

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