The most interesting of Dubai

If what we are looking for is a luxury vacation, the best destination is Dubai. It has one of the most renowned architectures in the world and a world-renowned hotel suspended in the sea, called Burj Khalifa. Your residential area Jumeirah it surprises us with beautiful coasts. We also found a mosque open to the non-Muslim public.

Dubai has the Dubai Mall which is the largest shopping center in the world. In it you can make purchases of all kinds and to the taste of the consumer. If we visit the city we will find the Dubai Fountain, which is also known as the largest fountain on the planet. In addition, the construction of an amusement park is planned. Dubailand. This, for a change, will be the largest ever built in the world.

The Dubai International Airport, has also received important mentions globally. This airport has a magnificent duty-free shopping center with exquisite designs and services. Dubai is one of the most warm of the planet. If we are interested in visiting it in winter months, we will have an average temperature of 19 degrees and if we visit it in summer we will find an average of 39 degrees.

The city itself is very arid and the rainfall they do not abound too much. As for the language, the official one is Arabic but Persian, Tamil, Tagalog, Hindu and English. It is necessary that we know how to defend ourselves with English since throughout the area it will serve us to communicate freely without having problems of understanding.

TOP 10 Things to do in DUBAI (May 2021)

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