Places of interest in Prague

Prague It is one of the European capitals that is growing the most at a tourist level, thanks not only to the many places of interest that it has but also that being there on vacation is much cheaper than doing it in other major capitals on our continent. A city where you can enjoy its architecture or the exciting stories that can be discovered at practically every step.

Its historic center has cobbled streets, spectacular old churches and all kinds of buildings of different architectural styles. Take note of the main places of interest:

Old Town Square

It is in the center of the city and is one of the squares that most people have throughout the year, especially during the summer. In it there are many interesting buildings, like the Astronomical clock, the Church of Tyn, the Church of Saint Nicholas or the old Town Hall.

Prague Castle

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the largest castle in the world thanks to its 570 meters long and 130 wide. It was the office of various personalities, such as the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, the kings of Bohemia or the presidents of the Czech Republic and more anciently of Czechoslovakia. Inside the castle there are several interesting places, such as the Romanesque Basilica of Saint George, the Cathedral of Saint Vitus, defense towers, various palaces, museums, a monastery and a multitude of gardens.

Bridge of Carlos

It is one of the most famous bridges and is on the Vltava river, making a link between Prague Castle and the Old Town. It measures just over 600 meters in length and 10 in width. Various statues decorate it on both sides.

Wenceslas Square

It is another of the most important squares in Prague and is in the heart of the financial and cultural districts. Various events are held there, festivals and demonstrations throughout the year.

Powder Tower

It is one of the 13 gates of the old city that take you to the Old City. Its tower has 186 steps and you can go up to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the city.

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