The best mountain destinations in 2012

The year is ending and a lot of lists are beginning with the best of the year in different sectors. As far as tourism is concerned, there are many that are done, for example with the best hotels, the best cities, the most romantic destinations, the most beautiful towns ... A great variety to discover what it is The most liked to travelers this year.

That is why today I will focus on one of those lists, specifically the one that shows those that have been the best mountain destinations in this year that is about to end. It is clear that there are infinite places where you can enjoy the mountain, but this list has been compiled according to the ones that received the most visitors in 2012 and assuring those visitors that they are fantastic destinations.

Vall de Núria

If you want spectacular mountains in our country, in the Catalan Pyrenees you will find a few. In the Vall de Núria, in the Girona province and almost almost in France, you will find a perfect mountainous destination for the whole family. To access you will have to travel on a train for 12 kilometers, overcoming a drop of over a thousand meters.


It is the most famous mountainous area of Italy, and well deserved since it is spectacular. It is in the north of the country and covers a part of the Alps. It also houses the Gran Paradiso National Park, which has the two highest peaks in Europe, Monte Rosa and Monviso. You can do many activities, including a canoe ride on the rivers.

Ricote Valley

It is 40 kilometers from Murcia and it is one of the most famous places in the province for the practice of rural tourism. You can hike, ride different boats on the river and enjoy spectacular vegetation.

Douro Valley

It is in the north of Portugal and is World Heritage, so it is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular natural places you can visit. It has several very interesting natural parks, such as Peneda-Gerês, Montesinho or Alvao y Douro, where you can also practice horse riding.

Picos de Europa

A place that is every year among the favorite mountain destinations for tourists since the Nature that you can find there is simply spectacular. Soaring mountains like Torre Cerredo (2,648 meters) or the Bulnes orange tree (2,519 meters) are just some of its treasures, and for any of them you can go hiking.

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