What to eat in Mauritius

In Hard Hobbit To Break We have talked on several occasions about how important it is to taste the local gastronomy of any place you travel to, without a doubt a way to get to know any city in more depth. Gastronomy is culture, and if it is rich and varied you will be in a wonderful place where you can discover many things. Today I would like to write about the gastronomy of Mauritius, an exotic and exclusive place where you will find many delicacies for the palate.

his mixture of flavors it makes you get spectacular dishes, and it is a cuisine that is influenced by other international cuisines such as French, Chinese or Indian, which makes the dishes much more varied and original. As basic ingredients it has chicken, rice, fish and seafood, and you can find some of them in practically all the typical dishes of the islands.

Typical dishes of Mauritius

Rougaille: it is a dish made with a variety of tomato from the islands known as "pommes d’amour" (apples of love). It also has onions, ginger, garlic, peppers and aromatic herbs, and is always served with meat or fish.

Vindaye fish: It is a marinated fish that is served with a sauce of vinegar, mustard, turmeric with garlic, ginger and peppers. It is served cold and is usually accompanied by rice.

Paratha: it is a flour bread that is filled with various vegetables, meats or fish, and is always served accompanied by various sauces. It is something similar to pancakes.

Mine frit: It is a dish that has a lot of Chinese influence and is made with sauteed noodles, which are cooked in a wok with red sauce, meat and vegetables.

Biryani: In this plant you can see the Indian influence and it is made from basmati rice with spices and meat or fish. It is always served accompanied by a cucumber salad.

Other details

In the cuisine of these islands the starters are very important, and among the most famous are the gâteau-piment (it has a ring shape and it is made of lentils and pepper) or the samoussa (triangular shape and filled with vegetables and meat). As for drinks, the most typical are lassi (yogurt and ice water) and alouda (infused with agar syrup). Exotic drink cocktails and other better known ones such as beer, coffee or rum are also very successful.

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