What to eat in South Korea

There is no doubt that the gastronomy It is one of the main attractions of any country and of any city, discovering in each one of them local products that are mixed to get really attractive and peculiar dishes. In any corner of the world you can find a very varied gastronomy with very interesting flavors, especially in Asia, where originality is present in each dish.

Today I would like to write about the gastronomy of south korea, a country that has innumerable attractions, one of the main ones being its cuisine, which has many similarities with Chinese and Japanese. South Korean cuisine is of great agricultural importance, making vegetables the main elements in many of the dishes. Rice is also another ingredient that stars in many dishes, whether mixed with vegetables, pork or chicken.

Typical dishes

Kimchi: It is a dish that is prepared with various fermented vegetables (onion, garlic and cabbage) and that is accompanied by various spices, especially those that are spicy.

Bulgogi: It is made from meat, which can be stewed or grilled. It is mainly made with beef and accompanied with soy or rice.

Bibimbap: It is made of rice and mixed with vegetables and meat, seasoned with sesame and hot spices.

Mandu: they are small empanadas filled with vegetables.

Typical drinks

The highlight is the varieties of tea, among which are the yujacha, the bori cha or the sikhye. It is the most traditional drink, above coffee or any other.

Meat of dog

One of the great myths of South Korean gastronomy is the use of dog meat, which makes many tourists refuse to eat certain dishes because they are not sure if they have dog meat. The truth is that it is more a myth than a reality since it is very difficult to find a place where it is used, and it is only made in a soup called boshintang, which is practically no longer prepared.

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