Miami neighborhoods

Miami It is one of the main tourist destinations in the United States, thanks to things like that it has spectacular beaches, it is the port of many cruises or it has been the star of many series and movies. In 91 square kilometers that the city covers you can find practically everything, especially beaches and shops, many shops for all kinds of budgets.

Like any other city, Miami is also divided into neighborhoods, and today I would like to make a short summary with the most interesting and the best that you can find in each of them. Take note:


This is where the main tourist attractions are, such as Virginia Key, Brickwell, Watson Island, the spectacular Port of Miami or the economic center known as South Florida.


It is a neighborhood that has a great Caribbean influence and most of its population is from speak spanish.


The highlight is their residential buildings, towering towers that attract attention in any panoramic view. It also stands out for the graffiti in each corner, a whole museum of street art.

Upper East Side

Just like in New York, this neighborhood is the one with the residents More rich from the city.

Coral way

It's in the part South of the city and it is a residential neighborhood with a lot of history, the typical North American neighborhood with trees on the streets and many little houses that have been seen so many times on television. Its architecture is of Spanish heritage and it has a spectacular shopping center with many shops and bars. There are many clubs here too.

Coconut Grove

It is one of the most touristic places since Biscayne Bay is in it, a beautiful bay where there is a lot of leisure movement. In this area there are also many parks and gardens, including the Barnacle State Park, the largest green space in the city and worth visiting for several hours.

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