Nymphenburg Palace in Munich

Palaces are truly spectacular places, whether they are small, large or more or less beautiful. They all have a lot of history, and in each of its corners you can discover many details about the personalities who lived in them since their construction. Today I would like to write about the Nymphenburg Palace, which is in Munich and it was built as a summer residence for members of the Bavarian elite.

It is to the west of the city and is a majestic building that ordered the construction of the duke of bavaria in 1664 to celebrate the birth of his son. Designed by Agostino Barelli, the central part was designed in the style of Italian villas. They lived there every summer for several decades and generations, and it is currently open to the public and is the headquarters of the House of Wittlesbach.


Five different dukes They have passed through the palace, and all of them made different constructions to adapt them to their tastes. The first to do works was precisely Maximiliano Emanuel, for whom the castle was built when he was born. The first thing he did was add pavilions and galleries, making the sides more extensive. The renovations continued for several years until the appearance it now has was achieved.

What to see today

Today the Nymphenburg Palace houses a spectacular sled museum and old carriages, all of them after having participated in various historical events such as coronations or appointments. There is also a large collection of Nymphenburg porcelain, one of the most beautiful German porcelains there is. The park there is also very remarkable, with a very beautiful design and created by the same designer as that of the gardens of the Parisian Palace of Versailles.


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