The best destinations to spend New Year's Eve in 2012

Approaches New Years Eve, one of the most special nights of the year and that not everyone likes to live the same way. This special night makes more and more people decide to travel to other cities to be able to spend it in a different way, whether due to the weather, the traditions of each place or for any other reason. At New Years Eve it is not all about drinking the grapes and partying around your city, you can do something special like spending it in the mountains, on the beach or in a big city that becomes even more magical when that night arrives.

Today I would like to recommend a few destinations for you to spend this New Year's Eve, destinations where you will find something very different but certainly special to start a new year in them. Places that are worth visiting at any time of the year but when the last day arrives can offer you a totally different experience from the one you have lived so far in any December 31.

New Years Eve in Berlin

The German capital is one of the cities that receives the most tourists on New Year's Eve, with a constant growth in recent years. In its streets spectacular parties are held with giant screens, fireworks, musical shows, Christmas markets, gastronomic parties and much more. The famous Brandenburg Gate It turns into an impressive open-air disco on the last night of the year.

New Year's Eve in the Aragonese Pyrenees

If you don't feel like partying for that night and prefer something more familiar while practicing a sport, the Aragonese Pyrenees is your destination. A mountainous destination with a spectacular natural landscape and that offers you several ski slopes to enjoy the snow, family and such special dates.

New Year's Eve in the Canary Islands

If you live in a cold area and want to live Christmas in a different way, without a doubt Canary Islands it is one of the best options you can choose. Christmas with heat, which will be more or less depending on the island you have chosen, but even if it is a little cold it will not be anything similar to what it does in your city. You will spend Christmas on the beach, enjoying the sun and the immensity of the sea and the Canarian landscape.

New Years Eve in New York

Welcoming the New Year in New York is probably the dream of 95% of people who ask where in the world they would like to celebrate New Year's Eve. Times Square It becomes the center of the world and becomes brighter than ever on this day, with thousands of people on the street to celebrate the entrance of a new year and ask for their wishes.

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