What to see in Turin

Turin It is one of the most important Italian cities, being also the best cultural and business center in the north of the country. It is the capital of the Piemonte region and is famous for many things, such as Fiat cars, the Juventus football team in Turin or its famous Shroud. A city worth visiting and where you can find a wide variety of places of interest.

As in any other city in ItalyIn Turin you can see truly spectacular architecture in every corner. In addition, there are many places to stroll, shopping areas, squares, museums, bars and, of course, restaurants where you can taste the delicious local cuisine. In addition, there you will find different types of transport, such as buses or trains, and it also has an airport.

Turin center

In the city center you have many places to visit, especially museums, buildings and squares. Highlight of this area the Piazza Castello, a pedestrian plaza that has many benches and fountains and that is surrounded by very interesting buildings. In the center is also the Royal Palace, a true architectural wonder that you cannot miss.

Shopping in Turin

If Italy stands out for something, in addition to its gastronomy and architecture, it is for the purchases you can make there, and Turin will be no less. There are many shopping areas, and the most famous is the Via po, a pedestrian street where there are all kinds of shops that intermingle with palaces and cafes.

A lot to see

It is worth visiting medieval buildings like the Palazzo Carignano, the place where Vittorio Emanuele II was born, who achieved the unification of Italy. It currently houses the Museo del Risorgimento and you can also see the area of ​​the Royal Armory.

The Piazza San Carlo It is one of the most beautiful in the city, a beautiful baroque square that has two twin churches, that of San Carlo and that of Santa Cristina. From there you can walk to the Cathedral of Turin, one of the most beautiful places with its famous Shroud and a very interesting museum.

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