Kairouan, the fourth holy city of Islam

Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem, that is the sacred triumvirate of holy cities that Islam has. Behind them, and known as the fourth holy city of Islam is Kairouan in Tunisia. But it is not only that the only gallon that it has, and it is also considered as the first Muslim city of the Maghreb, and the holiest Muslim city on the African continent. Founded in 670 Kairouan, the legend that tells how this city was erected is one of the most beautiful in Islamic culture. According to legend, a Muslim chief named Uqba ibn Nafi had a temple built on a dry plain where he miraculously saw a spring appear. Around the temple the city would grow.

The most important building in Kairouan is the Grand mosquewhich is considered the great architectural gem of North Africa. Built in 671 by mandate of Uqba ibn Nafi, it stands out for its three-story minaret and its 35 meters high.

After the Great Mosque, a must-see for its symbolism should be the Sidi Sahbi Mosque, also called the Barber. Sibi Sahbi was a saint who according to legend kept three hairs of Muhammad, so the mosque is named after the Barber.

After visiting the two most important architectural monuments in Kairouan, such as the Grand Mosque and the Barber's Mosque, if you want to experience the authentic essence of the bazaars and souks of this area of ​​North Africa, what better way to go through the souks of the thirteenth century with their Craft shops.

Kairouan - UNESCO World Heritage Site - Tunisia (August 2020)

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