What to eat in the Netherlands

Holland It is one of the European countries that has gained the most tourism in recent years, thanks especially to low-cost airlines as they offer the possibility of moving around Europe for very little money. That has made people travel to more countries than the famous England, Germany or France, and other countries that were not so touristy at first are becoming a reference.

On several occasions we have written in Hard Hobbit To Break about its most interesting destinations, so today I would like to focus on something that we all must keep in mind when traveling anywhere: local gastronomy. It is clear that the dutch gastronomy It is not as important as others, but it does have very interesting products and dishes. Its big star is the cheese, of which almost 700 million kilos a year are produced throughout the country.

Typical products

As I said before, cheese is the most famous and the most typical are creamy and tasty, such as Edam Gouda or Leyden. Other products such as: vegetables, fish, seafood and potatoes. With all of them the main dishes are made in any corner of the country.

Typical dishes

Among its most typical dishes are the rijsttafel, the pea soup and Dutch stew (potatoes, onions, carrots and meat). There are also several fish dishes that are very successful, such as mussels with french fries, fried mussels with onions, or the hutspot, which is a stew of vegetables, eels, fried fish, and marinated herring.

Typical desserts

As for desserts, there are two that are especially famous: appelgebak (apple pie) and poffertjes (miniature pancakes). Other sweets such as gingerbread cookies or chocolate in any of its forms and flavors are also successful.

Dutch drinks

Finally, the drinks. The most typical are beer and jenever gin. Local gin can be young or aged, and both are delicious both alone and in combination.

Top 10 Best Dutch Foods in Amsterdam (November 2022)

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