Travel to Antigua at Easter

Former colonial capital of Guatemala, and declared by Unesco a World Heritage Site, Ancient It is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Latin America. One of its main tourist attractions is to enjoy its religious celebrations during its Holy Week, being on these dates an ideal time to get to know it.

In the middle of Central America is Antigua, 26 kilometers from the capital, Guatemala City, where international flights arrive at La Aurora airport. From it shuttles and taxis leave that in about 45 minutes reach Antigua. Between the Hotels There are two in particular here: the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, which is located in a monastery and about a 10-minute walk from the center of Antigua; and the Hotel Central Posada de Don Rodrigo in the city center.

To know the essence of Antigua, the best option is to be able to visit its market, in which the most successful purchases are wood carvings, wool blankets, and hand-embroidered fabrics with many colors. A tip to buy in the market: haggle as much as possible to avoid paying the first price of the item.

The Easter in Antigua It is more than a religious celebration, and it is that in all the springs and for a week the city is transformed. The streets are decorated by the residents of Antigua, creating on the floors a show of colors with striking flowers and sawdust where the processions with their images will pass. This tradition of decorate the floors with flower rugs it is from the colonial period, a mixture of the influence of Spanish Catholicism and that of the Mayans.

Experiencing Epic Easter Celebrations In Antigua, Guatemala (May 2021)

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