Amboseli National Park in Kenya

South of the Kenyan capital Nairobi, 137 kilometers away, is the Amboseli National Park, the place where the highest peak of the African continent is located, the Kilimanjaro with its 5,895 meters high that majestically makes an appearance on the southern horizon. Founded in 1977, the Amboseli National Park covers an area of ​​more than 390 square kilometers. Among the animals that live in it, is the most important elephant population in Africa.

The nature It is shown in this place in its wildest expression and surrounded by scenes impossible to see in any other point of Africa, and that is the mix of landscapes formed by plains, oases, swamps and lakes, with Kilimanjaro and its increasingly scarce perpetual snowy peaks As a spectacular backdrop, they make it a place almost chosen by the gods.

Amboseli National Park is divided into four sectors, in which you can see the variety and hodgepodge of the melting pot landscapes that nature has shaped in this corner of Africa. In the northern, central and eastern sectors, the savannah as the setting, and elephants, zebras, rhinos and termite mounds are its main protagonists. In the western sector, the plain and the plain coexist with ostriches.

Animals and also people live in the Amboseli National Park, and it is in this territory that the masai, mythical warrior people who continue to survive in their lands dedicating themselves to grazing. East nomadic people It has had the enormous virtue of living in harmony and peace with the nature that surrounds them without degrading it in any way.

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