The spectacular Karlstein castle in Prague

Prague It is one of the destinations that has become the most fashionable in recent years, not only because it is a beautiful city but also because it is much cheaper than other major European capitals such as London, Paris or Madrid. The Czech capital has numerous places of interest, plenty of shops of all kinds, various restaurants and a perfect leisure offer for any tourist.

One of the most spectacular places in the city is the Karlstein castle, which is about 30 kilometers south of Prague. It is the most famous castle in the city, and you can find a few there. It was built under the reign of Carlos IV, who was emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Construction began in 1348 and at that time it was given its current name.

It is a spectacular fortress that was built primarily to house the jewels of the Czech crown, royal treasures and various sacred relics. Its construction ended in the year 1365 and, almost 100 years later, the jewels that the castle housed and protected for about 200 years were transferred. During the war there were many attacks and several reconstructions had to be made.

Karlstein Castle is in the municipality of Karlstein, on top of a hill, in a spectacular setting as it is surrounded by forests. Its main feature, in addition to its beauty and spectacularity, is that it has individual buildings on different levels, which are connected by bridges and walls. In the lowest area are the well tower and Burgrave Palace, which is where the castle administrator lived.

In the middle part is the Imperial Palace, which is where the king and all his court resided. In several of its rooms you can see different exhibitions, and one of the most interesting is the one that shows pictures of all the members of the family of Carlos IV. Also interesting are the Royal Bedroom and the Hall of the Knights, which are preserved as they were at the time. Finally, the upper part, among other rooms, is the Treasury, which is where the jewels were.

AMAZING CASTLE IN the CZECH REPUBLIC (Honest Guide) (March 2021)

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