Cartoon Museum in London

London It is one of the most visited European cities, and is that the English capital has a lot to offer to all kinds of tourists. Among its many attractions, several museums stand out, which are very diverse and offer a good time of fun and culture to anyone who visits them. One of the most interesting, and fun, is the Caricature Museum, perfect for the whole family.

The Cartoon Museum has an extensive collection with more than 3,000 cartoons and more than 5,000 books, in addition to numerous comics, cartoons and animations. In London they have always been very clear that comics are an art, so their entire history is concentrated in this building, which has works from different periods and shows how important it has been for the country, although at first it was not gave it a lot of importance.

In this museum you will find caricatures both of current characters and artists and of many years ago, also offering an educational perspective on each of the works so that you can know how they were made and why each of them. In addition, they do several courses a year so that whoever wants can learn to draw cartoons, and are for children and adults.

Not only are there permanent exhibitions with everything the museum has, but occasionally they are made Temporary exhibitions that are dedicated to some characters, whether real or fictional. Many of these exhibitions are usually about politicians, and two of the most successful were by Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher, two of the most important and influential politicians in the UK.

The Cartoon museum london It's at 35 Little Russel Street and the best subway stop for you is Holborn. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and the price is £ 5.50, about 7 euros. It may seem a bit expensive but the truth is that if you like the theme a lot it is worth it as you will discover many interesting things.

The Cartoon Museum London, UK. (July 2024)

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