What to eat in Lima, Peru

One of the things that most attracts the attention of any place when we visit it is the local gastronomy, something that is always essential to try to be able to immerse yourself even more in the culture of any city you are going to visit. Today I would like to write about the gastronomy of lima, Peruvian capital that also has many other attractions. The cuisine of this city is a mixture of flavors that combines the most typical ingredients of the area with influences from other cultures.

The gastronomy of Lima stands out for the colorful of many of its ingredients, especially the so-called Chili pepper, which is the most used but not the only one. It is usually put on dishes to give color but also to give it a characteristic flavor, a function similar to that which the coloring usually has here. Chinese cuisine also greatly influences Lima, especially in the use of rice, which is used not only as a main dish but also as a side dish.

Its dishes highlight the presence of seafood such as fish and seafood. With them some of the most important typical dishes of Lima are prepared, such as escabeche, ceviche, chorrillana fish, the conchitas a la parmesana or the shrimp cocktail. As for the dishes that are not fish, the cau cau, the stuffed potato, the tacutacu, green rice with chicken, parboiled, antichuchos stand out. cause to Lima, tamales, ají de gallina or grilled chicken.

Of course, there are also a few desserts worth trying, such as the purple porridge, the picarones, the shampoos, the suspiro a la limeña, the nougat of Doña Pepa or the rice pudding. As for drinks, the most typical in Lima is chicha morada, and the drink is also very famous. Pisco Sour, which is a mixture of pisco with lemon, crushed ice and angostura bitters.

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