What to see in Québec

Québec It is one of the most popular cities in Canada, a place with a great mix of cultures and where you will discover very interesting things that have to do with art, music, architecture or food. It is a city that has a clear French origin, present in almost all its customs and cultures, but also with a Canadian touch, which makes it a city with a very special mix.

This city is made of walled stone, being the only city in all of North America to be built that way, making it even more special. A lovely walled city which is in eastern Canada and which has its central part, the walled, as World Heritage. On the banks of the San Lorenzo river, it is located in a fantastic landscape thanks to being at the foot of a hill.

The main language is French although in some places you can speak English. Take note of the places of interest in Québec:

Vieux Québec: It is one of the most important tourist places and from there you will have incredible views of various parts of the city. This viewpoint is divided into two parts: one is the Haute Ville and it is on the top of the cliffs, and the other is Basse Ville and it is between the cliffs and the river.

Terrasse Dufferin: It is a spectacular walk that is on the edge of the cliff and that takes you to the Plains of Abraham, which is where New France was promulgated after the battle of 1759 in which English troops defeated the French.

The Citadel: It is a fortress that is in the upper part of Cap Diamant and that today serves as a base for the Canadian Forces, in addition to the residence of the Governor General of Canada.

Notre Dame Cathedral: It was the first cathedral that obtained the rank of basilica and it is a true wonder with a lot of charm.

Lower City: it is an area where there are very interesting places, such as the historic district of Petit Champlain, the port, the Place-Royal and some of the best museums.

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