Laugharne Castle in Wales

If something has Wales What makes anyone fall in love with it is its spectacular natural landscape, which you can see throughout the country and which has impressive beauty. Another of the things that stand out most in this country are the castles, which are many since it was always a land country of lords who protected their belongings from invaders thanks to its spectacular medieval castles.

Both in the coastal area and in the mountains, it is very easy to find yourself on the road with any castle, whether in ruins or rebuilt. They all contain exciting stories, Legends and myths, which makes them one of the great attractions of the entire country. One of the most spectacular is the Laugharne Castle, which is in County Carmarthenshire, right at the mouth of the River Taf. Framed in a natural landscape of great beauty, it is undoubtedly a place you must visit.

It was closed for 20 years for restoration and because different excavations in the area, reopening its doors to the public in 1996. This castle is on a mountain overlooking the Taf river, a really beautiful setting. Among other tenants, it hosted the Earls of Norhtumberland or Sir John Parrott, who is thought to be the illegitimate son of Henry VIII. During the Civil War it was used by the military and suffered a bombardment in the 17th century.

Its ruins made it become one of the most famous castles of the country, and although it has been rebuilt it has not been entirely so as not to lose all its charm. Its large gardens and small lakes make it a fantastic place to spend a day, especially if the weather is good since you can enjoy it much more. One of the attractions that you cannot miss if you are going to be in that area.

Laugharne castle Carmarthenshire Wales 4K Drone Footage (August 2022)

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