Visiting Antrim in Ireland

One of the countries that has always seemed most beautiful to me is Ireland, which I have not yet visited but that from a distance I see very attractive, especially thanks to the great amount and variety of natural landscapes that you can find there. A country where there is a lot Nature, medieval surroundings and cities with a lot of charm that I am sure will make anyone who visits them fall in love.

One of the cities that attracts me the most is Antrim, a coastal city that is in the northwest of the country and only 35 kilometers from Belfast, so it is worth taking a jump to visit it. There you will discover, mainly, a great coastal landscape that mixes, and contrasts, with the valleys and mountains that preside over the city. In Antrim you will find the most famous attraction in Northern Ireland, the so-called Giant's Causeway, a spectacular geological phenomenon that was created thanks to a volcanic eruption millions of years ago.

Another place of interest in Antrim is the White Park Bay, an impressive park in which there is a beach, cliffs, dunes and a nature trail to be able to walk while enjoying an incomparable landscape. If you are not afraid of heights you should visit the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Suspension Bridge, which is along the Larrybane Cliffs and is 80 meters long and 60 meters high.

It also highlights the Dunseverick Castle, one of the first castles to be built in the country, which joins the Giant's Causeway by means of a road. The castle has a museum in which there are several exhibitions, such as marine artifacts, the Spanish navy and several of fossils and minerals.

It is worth visiting too Ballycastle, which is at the foot of Knocklayd Mountain and has a sandy beach that is very popular both for the inhabitants of the area and for all tourists. Finally, in Antrim many festivals are held mainly during the month of July, the most famous being Irish dance and music.


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