Visit Ibiza in winter

Ibiza It is an island that we usually visit in summer, when the good weather arrives and you can go to the beach. In fact, it should not be forgotten that its coasts are its coasts, although its nightclubs also take center stage, probably the most famous in the world.

The point is that there is life beyond summer in Ibiza. It is not an island that remains as deserted as, for example, Menorca, where already in summer something more movement is missed. We are talking about a fairly populated region where people live normally throughout the year.

It is true, many hotels, shops and restaurants close in winter, but no less true is that the time of tranquility and relaxation. It is the perfect time for wise visitors, informed athletes, hikers and, of course, residents.

Activities to do in winter

Beaches: It is a real joy to walk along its deserted beaches enjoying the sand and letting yourself be warmed by the sun.
Stores: It is possible to go shopping in Santa Eulalia, San Antonio and Ibiza. Most stores in these cities do not close for winter.
Restaurants: Those who remain open are those who have the backing of a loyal clientele. They are quality restaurants.
Street markets: The hippie market is not a summer thing, it is also open in winter (the one in Es Canar is open from April to October). The most recommendable of all is the Las Dalias Christmas Market (from December 23 until after Three Kings Day).

You know, take advantage of Ibiza in the coldest time of the year. Look for flights to Ibiza for the winter and when you come back tell us how about you experience.

Winter in Ibiza | how to do Christmas in Ibiza | why you should visit Ibiza in winter (June 2022)

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