Taxco de Alarcón, a Mexican city that you will fall in love with

Taxco de Alarcón, which is often common to find in the main lists with the most beautiful towns in Mexico, it is rather a city, since its population exceeds 50,000 inhabitants and is not exactly small.

It is located in the north of the state of Guerrero more than 1,700 meters high compared to sea level, so you have to be prepared to reach the top in order to enjoy the best of rewards: the viewpoints that allow you to enjoy impressive views.

A cable car will take you to the highest

You can get there on foot, but until 22:00 you also have the option of taking a Cableway, which incidentally gives you views that you will hardly forget. In the 5 minutes that the tour lasts you will be able to contemplate the beauty of this municipality whose name means «ball game».

What to see in Taxco de Alarcón?

In Taxco, or better said Taxco de Alarcón in honor of the New Spanish playwright Juan Ruiz de Alarcón, you cannot miss the oldest buildings in the center, some of which are kept in very good condition. It is also highly recommended to be seen by the Parish Church of Santa Prisca and San Sebastián, whose facade you will love, and by the Borda Cultural Center, which hides a museum of sacred art and local crafts worth visiting.

Its cobbled streets will also lead you to Plaza Borda, which is the most important in the entire city. Another option is to enter the Humboldt House, which is where the German Alexander von Humboldt lived, an explorer who is considered the father of modern universal geography. There is an interesting museum there, the Viceregal Art Museum.

The imposing Monumental Christ of Taxco

Returning to the heights, you can not miss the opportunity to climb to the Monumental Christ of Taxco, a kind of Christ the Redeemer (much smaller, since it "only" measures 5 meters high) that was built between January and September 2008 as a watchman of the tranquility of the city.

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