Almudaina Palace in Palma de Mallorca

The Almudaina Palace It is one of the most spectacular buildings in our country. It's in Palma de Mallorca and without a doubt it is an essential visit if you are going to be in the city or even if you are going to be anywhere else on the Balearic island. It is the official residence of the Royal Family when they travel to the island and the place where they enjoy their summer holidays every year. Many of its parts can be seen in one visit.

The Major Portal It is the place through which you will access the palace, and as soon as you enter you will find the Patio de Armas, from which the palace's premises begin to be distributed. At one end of this patio is the Main Hall, which is used to host different official acts or ceremonies that are usually held in the palace throughout the year (as long as the Kings are not hosted).

In the courtyard there is also the Chapel of Santa Ana, which is one of the most beautiful parts of the palace. It is Gothic except for the façade, which is Romanesque. Inside is the chapel of Santa Práxedes and the altarpiece, and next to it has the Muslim baths that were used by both the Arabs and the Christians. The other most famous, and beautiful, dependency is the King's palace. In it are the dependencies that were formerly of the Muslim or Christian kings and that have several towers that protect them.

The other places that you can visit are the Royal Winery, the Patio del Brollador or the Queen's Palace, which in ancient times were the dependencies of queens and infants but which currently houses the Balearic Headquarters.

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