Types of climates in the world

When organizing a trip there are many things to prepare, many of them taking into account what we are going to find in our destination. The weather It is one of the most important factors that you should take into account although it is something that can always vary, but the different types of climates in the world make you more or less find each place has its own climate depending on the time of year.

The different types are mainly classified into three groups. On the one hand there are warm climates, on the other temperate and, finally, cold. Each of them has several subclimates. Let's go to see the main types of climates detail:

Warm weather

Equatorial climate: its name due to its proximity to the areas of Ecuador, and its main characteristic is that large clouds form that make it rain almost every afternoon. It is a climate that moves geographically depending on the wind of each day. It is the climate that usually exists in the Amazon regions, in the Yucatan peninsula, in the eastern part of Panama, central Africa or the western coast of Madagascar.

Tropical climate: It can occur both north and south of the equatorial climate, with a minimum temperature of 18ºC throughout the year. It doesn't rain much but when it does it is usually in the summer. It is found in parts of the Caribbean, northern Australia, southern India or Polynesia).

Temperate climates

Chinese weather: It is found in places like northern India, southern Brazil and Uruguay, northwest Argentina, Japan or South Korea. It is characterized by having hot and humid summers and by less warm winters.

Mediterranean climate: It is especially characterized by what it offers in summer, which are high temperatures and for having drought, while winters are mild. It is found in the Mediterranean area, California, southern South Africa, central Chile or southwest Australia.

Continental weather: It is probably the climate that best defines each of the four seasons. Summers are very hot and rainy, while winters are cold and dry.

Cold climates

All these climates are characterized by having extreme cold practically all year round. Among them is the tundra weather (Greenland, Siberia or the Arctic region), the polar climate (Antarctica or the Arctic) or the mountain climate (occurs in mountainous areas more than 3,500 meters high).

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