The best beaches and coves in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura It is one of the most spectacular Spanish islands, in my opinion the most spectacular although there are a couple of them that I have not yet visited so I cannot fully assure you. Its beaches are dreamy and you have nothing to envy to any of the many Caribbean beaches that so many tourists receive each year. I have always said that I do not understand why people here take so many hours by plane to go to the Caribbean when in Fuerteventura there is an incredible paradise, although it is clear that visiting any point of the Caribbean is also wonderful.

On this Canary island you find all kinds of beaches with different characteristics, and especially spectacular beaches for surfing or windsurfing, sports that are widely practiced there. There are infinity of beaches and coves in Fuerteventura, so I will try to make a good summary with the best, many I have visited and I can assure you that they are wonderful.

Giniginamar Beach

It is towards the south of the island, towards Great Tarajal from Puerto del Rosario, which is the capital. It is a windy beach although its waters are very calm. It is black sand and measures just over half a kilometer, with a width of about 50 meters depending on the tide, which can go up a lot. Around there are some urbanizations and various services such as restaurants or shops.

Gran Tarajal Beach

Fuerteventura beach
It is black sand and picón and is in the south, in the municipality called Gran Tarajal. It is an urban beach that measures a little over half a kilometer in length and is also windy although there is hardly any surf. It has a promenade where you can find several restaurants, bars or shops.

La Pared Beach

It is one of my favorites since it is in a totally rustic and very few people go, with which you find a lot of tranquility. It measures 250 meters and is of fine, golden sand, also very windy and with strong waves.

Cofete Beach

Fuerteventura beach 2
It is one of the best known on the island and is in the coastal area that is called the same and that stretches for about 14 kilometers, although the beach itself does not take up all the space as it is divided into various beaches.

Sotavento beach

It is the most famous thanks to its length of almost 6 kilometers and its width reaches in some parts to be one kilometer. It is really spectacular, there can be many people but in reality you do not have anyone several meters away, in addition to the landscape there are also several dunes and you feel immense freedom. It is probably the best beach I have ever been to in my life and that seems to be in the middle of nowhere and with hardly any services, but perhaps that tranquility is the best.

Punta Blanca beach

It is a small beach that is about 90 meters long and is in the La Oliva area, with a width of about 12 meters. It is nudist and totally virgin, with a lot of wind but with the calm sea and fine sand and gravel.

El Charcón beach

It is white sand and stones, with a lot of wind but with calm waters. Many nudists also go to it thanks to the fact that it is not very large and you can have a lot of privacy.

La Goleta Beach

It is 150 meters long and about 30 wide. It is semi-urban and the sand is fine and golden, with wind but calm sea. There are many services, such as equipment rental for nautical sports, hammocks, umbrellas, restaurants, bars or shops.

Corralejo beach

It is in the town of the same name, one of the best known in Fuerteventura. It measures almost 200 meters and is of fine golden sand. Around it there are many hotels, bars, shops, restaurants and all kinds of services. Have a Leisure port, sports port.

The best beaches of fuerteventura 2018 (October 2020)

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