Lake District National Park in Cumbria

The Lake District National Park It is one of the most beautiful British natural landscapes. It's in Cumbria, in England, and all its surroundings are truly spectacular. It is perfect to visit in the summer since it is when the weather is best since the rest of the year is somewhat dark, but if you cannot go in the summer and you will be in the area at another time, it is certainly also worth it.

This park is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Britain Thanks to its natural beauty, and in the surroundings you will find other tourist offers such as restaurants, hotels, bars and several charming cities and towns that are also worth visiting. In Lake District You will not only be able to enjoy the imposing landscape but you will also be able to carry out activities such as hiking, horse riding, climbing or various excursions so as not to miss the most interesting detail.

It is in the northwest of England And it is one of the main tourist destinations in the country, thanks in part to its mountains and lakes, without a doubt the most striking in the entire park. It covers many towns where you can discover a lot of history, culture and tradition, the most interesting being Kendal, Bowness, Windermere, Ullswater, Keswick, Grasmere, Coniston or Cockermouth, although in reality anyone you can visit in all that area will be great and it will be a good investment of time.

In the park lakes You can also enjoy a walk to explore them, either on a cruise or in a small boat. The best ones are the ones you take from Ambleside. At Lakeside you can enjoy the Lake Aquarium, a spectacular aquarium where you can find Britain's largest collection of freshwater fish. In Cumbria you can find all kinds of accommodation, from the most expensive and luxurious hotels to the cheapest hostels. A city suitable for any pocket and that has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to natural tourism.

This Is The Lake District (May 2023)

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