The spectacular Puente del Alamillo in Seville

Seville It is one of the most beautiful cities in our country, and it is well deserved that it has earned that "it has a special color." Spectacular monuments, streets with a lot of charm, buildings steeped in history ... endless places to visit and where you can enjoy everything they have to offer. One of the many things you can see adorning the landscape of this city is the Alamillo Bridge, one of the most beautiful in Andalusia, at least in my opinion.

This spectacular bridge, where there are any, was built on the occasion of the '92 Expo that hosted the city of Seville. It is in the known as Cartuja Island and it is one of the four portals that were built to house that event. The Puente del Alamillo crosses the meander of the San Jerónimo river and it took almost 3 years for its construction, although after it it did not take long to become one of the symbols of the city, which makes it an essential visit if you are going to be In sevilla.

The bridge was a design by Santiago Calatrava and it has a 132 meter high pillar that leans almost 60 degrees. From that pillar, the only one it has, 13 cables protrude, which is what gives it the original and beautiful appearance it has. The inclination of the pillar is due to the fact that at the beginning another bridge was going to be built next to it, but in the end it was not built and we wanted to keep the Puente del Alamillo with its original design.

It is clear that it is a very beautiful place to visit at any time of the day, although it is essential that you also see it at night since with all the illuminated city looks spectacular.

Travel Seville, Spain - The Alamillo Bridge (July 2021)

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