The best Motril beaches in Granada

There are many municipalities that are on the shores of the Mediterranean, and one of them is Motril, which is in the province of Pomegranate and that you can find in the central part of the Granada coast. Its City Council also includes other towns such as Torrenueva, El Varadero, Calahonda, Puntalón, Carchuna, Las Ventillas, La Perla, Playa Granada, La Garnatilla and La Chucha.

Among the most interesting places that you can find in Motril are its beaches, very varied in terms of their characteristics and which will undoubtedly be perfect for spending a few days off, although they are also perfect if you want to do some water activities. These are the best beaches in Motril:

Granada Beach: it is almost 1.5 kilometers long and only 20 meters wide. Its occupation is medium and it has dark sand and moderate waves. You can access it both on foot, by car or by boat, and the truth is that everything is very well signposted. Among its services you will find parking, hammocks, umbrellas or anchoring area.

Pelaillo Beach: It has an extension of 2.1 kilometers and is quite wide thanks to its 80 meters. It is sand and gravel and its waves are moderate. It has a promenade and various services such as showers, toilets, parking, buses, walkways, hammocks, umbrellas or nautical equipment rental.

Torrenueva Beach: It is 2.3 kilometers long and 30 meters wide. Its occupation is high and it has dark sand and moderate waves. It also has a promenade and among its services there are accesses for disabled people, buses, showers, toilets, walkways or nautical equipment rental.

La Joya Beach: It is small since it only measures 300 meters, but it is charming. It is isolated and its occupation is low, in addition to that it allows nudism. It is very beautiful since it is surrounded by vegetation, although it does not have any service to offer, the only thing is the anchoring area.

La Chucha Beach: it is almost a kilometer long and its occupation is medium, with moderate waves and both sand and gravel. Among its services there are accesses for the disabled, buses, showers or walkways. It does not have a parking area.

Motril, Granada, Costa Tropical, Andalusia, Spain, Europe (January 2021)

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