Study English in Scotland

your travel It has just started ... Prepare your luggage to visit one of the most fascinating countries in the world: Scotland. Land of contrasts, where the most classic meets the most modern. Spectacular medieval castles, dreamy quiet villages, valleys and hills of intense green cohabit with the most bustling and cosmopolitan cities.

To speak of Scotland is to speak of culture, history, legends, literature, nature, lakes, castles, architecture, design… it is all in one.

The best way to get to know a culture, its customs and traditions, its past, its language, is to experience it in first person. Discover this magical land traveling, meeting its people. Take advantage of every minute of your time and enjoy a stay in the city that fascinates you the most and take an English course.

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Know the Scottish main cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen. Edinburgh, Scotland's quintessential cultural capital, brings together thousands of international students each year ready to surrender to its charms. The great artistic offer makes Edinburgh a host city for musicians and artists. Do not miss the summer festivals that it organizes every year.

The city of Glasgow is a mix of tradition and avant-garde. Glasgow It has become a city of artistic reference, not only nationally but internationally. It houses both historical buildings and contemporary design architectural constructions. In addition, it is located in an incomparable setting surrounded by nature and incredible landscapes. A mixture that will not leave you indifferent.

The third largest and northernmost city in Scotland is about Aberdeen. Land of castles and highlands, valleys, mountains, lakes and beaches. Traditional style, the most modern industry and pure nature make the city of Aberdeen a magical destination.

Learn English in Scotland (May 2024)

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