The most beautiful villages in Wales (which you cannot or should not miss)

Welsh It is one of the most beautiful nations for sightseeing, especially if you are looking for a combination of history, nature and adventure. Despite its small size, it houses many charms as towns of great beauty. In general, when you visit the area, you tend to go to Cardiff, which is its capital. But there is much more to see to know castles in which the great battles of history and pirate caves were fought or discover their numerous legends. But, you should not miss your towns because they are a true wonder for the eyes.


This town is one of the most beautiful and curious to see because the Glaslyn River divides its streets. This town, located in Gwynedd (Snowdonia region), is very small and is characterized by being very peaceful.

It is a town of great natural beauty, especially in spring, due to the small hill covered by violets Y trees. But its appeal does not lie only in this particularity. It is also an interesting municipality due to the legend about him prince llyweling the great, who is believed to have lived there.

According to what they say, he was a great fan of hunting and always went with his dogs, having special affection for Gelert. However, she killed him for believing that he had attacked his son in his crib instead of seeing that he had defended him from the attack of a wolf. To her grief, she raised her tombwhich is one of the main attractives tourist and which gives its name to the town.



More beautiful still - although it is all a matter of taste - it is this town, which is at the entrance of the Snowdonia National Park, which is known for being the most beautiful natural region in all of Wales.

There they can look old stone houses that house bars and restaurants to eat the typical dish of lamb along with a Pinta of Welsh beer. In addition, it is a good environment to do activities Outdoors like camping or hiking, touring the surrounding forests, lakes, mountains or rivers. Of course, not to be missed waterfall next to the stone bridge.


Of this municipality, it draws attention to all its castle of the thirteenth century, which rises on the Conwy Riveras well as their big Wall medieval. The tour of this town should also lead to see the smallest house of the United Kingdom, which is located in the port and the Elizabethan mansion Plas Mawr. And, of course, you must visit High Street, which is full of cafes, bookstores and restaurants.


This town is a small fishing town where it is ideal to walk through its low houses of colors located on the main street and leading to the castle, which was raised by Edward I of England. The bay is also an ideal place for a stroll and, to regain strength, it is well worth trying its meats Y seafood.


This town is also located on the coast, being bathed by the waters of the Sea of ​​ireland. This municipality, which is known as ‘The Queen of Welsh resorts’Lives with the sea as its central axis.

In fact, around his promenade, there are the hotels, catwalks and houses where you have to look at its Victorian facades. In its surroundings, there is a wide variety of pubs Y restaurants.

Precisely, in them, it is believed that Lewis wrote the book ‘Alice in Wonderland’. And, honoring this, there are several statues of the characters of this novel and that are distributed by the different streets of this town that is like a dream on the edge of the sea.

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