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It has always been said that Brazil It is a spectacular country with countless beach destinations where you can enjoy a dream vacation. It is clear that the best known city is Rio de Janeiro, but in its surroundings there are also many places that are worth visiting. Precisely in the state that bears the name of the capital there is another city that I would love to recommend to you today and which is called Buzios.

Buzios is less than 200 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, so it is a good option to spend a day on an excursion and visit it since it has many interesting things. Formerly it was a Fisher's town, but with the passage of time it has become an important tourist destination, although that has not made it lose its charm or the tranquility that you can find there.

Is a small city It has about 20,000 inhabitants but offers spectacular beaches, in addition to a natural beauty that is intermingled with the architecture and that gives rise to a very beautiful landscape. The only downside that its beaches have, if it is a downside, is that the water is very cold, too much sometimes, although the weather is excellent almost all year round so as it will be very hot it will not be so noticeable.

Tourists come from all over the world to Buzios to enjoy a very small but also very cosmopolitan city that has a lot to offer. Its urban development has not taken its toll, something that unfortunately does happen in other places, and that is that there is a special regulation so that no building can alter the landscape. For example, no construction can be higher than two stories and you must use rustic materials so that all buildings look beautiful and charming.

In the Rua das Pedras, one of the most famous streets and that is in the center of the city, is where you will find a greater number of shops, bars and restaurants. A very curious little square that has a statue of Bridgitte Bardot with which you can photograph yourself in a very nice way.

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