What to see in Miami

Miami It is one of the American cities that receives more tourists every year thanks to its excellent beaches and the good climate that is practically 365 of the year, although it is much more than sun and sand and you can find very interesting places and all kinds of activities to do. during your vacation. A few months ago I wrote an article about the best beaches in Miami, so today I would like to focus on everything else you can find there.

In addition to its kilometers of sand, the city also stands out for the arts and entertainment, so there you can find a lot to see and do in this regard. Take note of the Miami landmarks:

Miami museums

Among the most prominent are the Art Center South Florida (the state's main art museum), the Artformz Alternative Art Gallery (an alternative art gallery), Ashmore Gallery (exhibitions of artists from the 17th to the 20th century), or the Center for Emerging Art (where you can see exhibitions of the most relevant emerging artists).

Miami landmarks

There are many very interesting throughout the city, such as the Holocaust monument (a 13-meter-high bronze hand that carries human figures representing the millions of Jews murdered by the Nazis), the Coral Castle (a castle built entirely of coral, they say, by a man who suffered from heartbreak) or the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (a palace of various styles that has many gardens and is very interesting).

See animals in Miami

If you like animals, you can not stop going by Miami Seaquarium, the largest aquarium in the country and where you will find a wide variety of marine species, as well as various shows. There is also the Miami Metrozoo, which is home to more than 800 species that live as if they were their own habitat.

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