Myrtos Bay beach in Greece

One of the countries that has gained the most tourism in recent years is Greece, which thanks to its impressive islands fills up with tourists every summer (in addition, of course, to visiting the historical Athens). So famous is it, that there are many cruises that make routes through some of its islands to be able to admire the beauty that they have, that the truth is that one is in front and "freaks out" with what they are seeing.

Today I would like to write about one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in that country, the Myrtos Bay beach, one of the most famous thanks to the magic that the water gives off with those colors so perfect that it seems that they are painted instead of being real. The beauty of its colors is due to the sediments that accumulate in the bay, which are converted into different colors because of the sunsets, so the colors change several times a day.

This beach is northwest of the Kefalonia island and it is protected by two imposing mountains that seem to surround the bay. Its colors have made it world famous and thousands of tourists come there every year just to see that spectacle of change of color that goes through the blues, greens, reds or oranges. The surf on this beach is usually very intense, which also helps to make the color effect more noticeable.

But not all the beauty of the Myrtos beach It is its color since the natural environment in which it is is unique thanks to the gigantic cliffs that there is in the area. To get to the beach there is a very well paved road and everything is very well indicated. When parking you will have to go down a slope but there is no risk since they have everything well prepared for so many tourists.

MALTA + GREECE | TRAVEL VLOG - Blue Grotto, Pretty Bay, Myrtos Beach (April 2024)

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