Traveling to Tromso in Norway

One of the European countries with spectacular landscapes is Norway, which has its greatest attraction in the fjords and which achieves impressive mountains and thousands of islands that form an incomparable landscape. A country where you will find a very quiet destination where you can discover countless interesting places. One of the most famous destinations is Tromso, a city known as the "capital of the Arctic" and is guarded by huge mountains that are always covered in snow and full of fjords.

In this city you find many of the most beautiful landscapes in the whole country and the good thing is that the temperatures are much milder than in the rest of the country, although do not expect to go by since it is an impossible mission there. Tromso is located about 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle and it has a very important cultural movement, in addition to a lot of nightlife for all kinds of ages. There you can also enjoy the spectacular Aurora borealis while discovering other peculiarities.

In addition to the many natural attractions it has, you can also find other types. One of them is the Arctic Cathedral, which has 11 towers representing the apostles who remained after Jesus' betrayal and which is the northernmost cathedral in the world. It is the most important monument in the city and receives many visitors every year. Although you may not like religious buildings very much, it is certainly worth going to see this both outside and inside because it is a true work of art.

Among the many activities you can do, one of the most successful is to take a Cableway It rises to almost 1,500 meters above sea level and offers a panoramic view of the waterways and all the surrounding mountains. A truly spectacular experience.

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