Holidays on the Algarve Coast

The Algarve It is one of the most beautiful European destinations if you are looking for stunning natural landscapes and beaches. The coasts of this place are spectacular, with a multitude of beaches, coves, red cliffs and a lot of small towns that are charming and where you will find many things to see. Without a doubt, the Algarve coast is, in my opinion, the most attractive of Portugal.

In 240 kilometers of coastline you can find a lot of interesting places to enjoy your holidays, especially if you are looking for beaches to relax. Take note of the most interesting areas of the Algarve coast:

West Coast: In the southwest of the country there is a small town called Sagres which is one of the best known and which is a true wonder that houses a lot of history. It has a bay dominated by red cliffs and which are under a spectacular white fort. There are beautiful beaches such as Bordeira or Zavial Ingrina, which are also preferred by lovers of the south.

Central algarve: It is the best known area and the one that receives the most tourists, so if you are looking for more tranquility it is better to go to the east or west coast. Faro and Albufeira are the best known towns and you can enjoy many white sandy beaches and lots of entertainment in practically any corner.

East Coast: It is probably the quietest part of the coast. In this area is the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve, where there are many beaches and lagoons where you can spend a dream vacation. Within the reserve is La Quinta do Marim, which has many marshes and dunes and is the ideal place for bird watching. The best known city is Tavira, which has various architectural styles and heavenly beaches with lots of palm trees.

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