The 10 least visited countries in the world

We like to talk about beautiful countries that everyone wants to go to enjoy their holidays. However, it would be very unfair to say that only the most visited ones deserve our attention. There are some that for different reasons do not convince tourists, and that they have a series of attractions that more than one would like to know.

The ones you can see below are the least visited countries in the world based on the data registered in 2016. Do you want to know them?

1- Tuvalu

The French Polynesia It is made up of four very beautiful countries. One of them is Tuvalu, which according to the World Tourism Organization only received the visit of 2,000 people in 2016.

2- Kiribati

This other country in French Polynesia also does not enjoy the reputation that Samoa and Fiji have, which are able to attract many more tourists. Only 4,000 people passed through Kiribati wanting to see its 33 coral atolls.

3- São Tomé and Príncipe

From Oceania to Africa to talk about a country made up of several islands located in the gulf of guinea. Its fantastic beaches were only enjoyed by about 8,000 people in 2016.

4- Comoros

Also in Africa, Comoros is a country formed by three islands which is located in the north of Mozambique. It is a heavenly place, with perfect beaches for diving due to the richness of its seabed. In 2016, it was visited by 24,000 international tourists.

5- Djibouti

In the horn of africa There is a small country called Djibouti that borders Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. It is not the destination in which one dreams when it comes to spending a luxurious vacation, so it is not surprising that only 51,000 people passed by in 2016. Of course, those who have been there have hallucinated with natural beauty.

6- San Marino

The oldest sovereign state in the world is also the fifth smallest state in the world. Its small size has a negative influence on the tourism it receives, and that is within a country as tourist as Italy. In 2016, it was visited by 60,000 people.

7- East Timor

East Timor
It is rare for a Southeast Asian country to be on this list, as there are some of the most visited in the world. East Timor, however, did not exceed 66,000 in 2016. This, in part, has to do with the high levels of crime and crimes that are recorded every year. Armed robberies and attacks on vehicles are not an urban legend.

8- Lietchtenstein

The fourth smallest country in Europe (behind Vatican City, Monaco and San Marino) is of a beauty that deserves more than 69,000 visitors. The fact of having neither airport nor access to the sea complicates the arrival of tourists.

9- Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone
We are not leaving Africa to talk about the eighth least visited country in the world. Almost 75,000 tourists enjoyed a place where luckily they are no longer in war (they stopped being it in 2002).

10- Moldova

We ended up in Europe to talk about Moldova. It is a country located between Romania and Ukraine that received the visit of 121,000 people in 2016. Of course, I am convinced that very soon it will abandon this list, since its capital, Chisinau, is considered an emerging tourist destination.

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World's Least-Visited Countries: Why You Need to Visit | MojoTravels (April 2024)

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