Travel to Sanoa Island in the Dominican Republic

There is no doubt that the Caribbean It is one of the most spectacular destinations if you are looking for paradisiacal beaches and incredible landscapes on your vacation. In the Dominican Republic you can find all that and also with majestic beauty. One of the most striking places is Sanoa Island, which is in the southwest of the country, specifically in the province of La Romana, and which is one of the largest Dominican islands. It is long and has an extension of about 110 square meters.

This spectacular island is part of the Eastern National Park, a natural wonder that is worth discovering inch by inch. The most striking of Isla Sanoa are its spectacular beaches, all of them virgin and with the very fine and white sand, in addition to its crystalline waters and the thousands of coconut trees that are part of its landscape. In the park there is a lot of flora and fauna, and it is also an officially protected place to conserve its species, some of them of great beauty such as the manti, the green parrot, the jautia or the hawksbill turtles.

To get to Isla Sanoa you will have to take a catamaran and it is highly recommended to take a small excursion in addition to going to the beach to get to know a small fishing town called Mano Juan and which is very interesting. The typical gastronomy of the place is also highly recommended and you can taste it in the typical Caribbean restaurant covered in Palm leaves. In Isla Sanoa you will also find the largest sandbank in the country and in which there are several marine species among which starfish stand out.

You can not miss a visit to the caves, highlighting that of Cotubanam, which is called as a tribute to the indigenous chief who was captured by the conquistadors and who was executed in Santo Domingo. Excursions to this island usually last between 8-9 hours so you will spend almost the whole day. You can hire them at your hotel or at any tourist center where there are tour packages.

Excursion To Saona Island (Punta Cana - Dominican Republic) (April 2021)

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