The best beaches in Cancun

One of the great paradises for vacations is Cancun, which every year receives millions of tourists from all over the world who search its beaches for the perfect place for their vacations. This Mexican paradise is at the end of the Yucatan Peninsula and on the sides that overlook the Caribbean Sea there are many beaches, ports, coral reefs, Mayan ruins and a large number of interesting places that will make your vacation unforgettable.

But there is no doubt that the most striking thing about this place are its beaches, beautiful with its white sand, turquoise waters and a radiant sun that is present practically 365 days a year. All the beaches are suitable for public use and all of them have colored flags that reflect whether or not it is advisable to bathe in its waters. The white flag is for excellent waters, the green one for safe waters, the yellow one must be careful and the red one is not recommended since bathing is not safe. It's hard to tell what they are the best beaches in Cancun since they all deserve to be, but here are some of them:

Las Perlas Beach: its waters are very calm so it is perfect for swimming and for practicing water sports except, of course, surfing and those who need waves to practice.

Beautiful beach: It is a beautiful beach that has one of the best diving areas in Cancun and where there is also a jetty from where you can go on scuba diving excursions.

Langosta Beach: It is one of the most popular beaches, especially among those seeking calm, low water. A lot of the people who live there usually go to this beach, and on weekends they usually organize several concerts.

Caracol beach: It is perfect for families with children since there are many shops for them and many activities for the little ones to enjoy while their parents relax on the sand.

Dolphin Beach: This beach is called "El mirador" since the views from there are spectacular, in addition to the fact that there are many luxury hotels in that area (such as the Hilton). Its waves are big so it is perfect for those who are looking for strong emotions.

Cancun Beaches: Top 5 Best Beaches in Cancun as voted by Travelers (April 2021)

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