Van Loon museum in Amsterdam

Amsterdam It is one of the European cities that receives more tourists every year, thanks in part to its excellent location and also to having countless places of interest, thus achieving a very varied tourism offer for any traveler. It is undoubtedly one of the cities preferred by culture lovers as it houses countless museums, both art and curious ones that are worth visiting.

In addition to well-known museums around the world, there are others that are less so but the truth is that they are a real wonder, such as the Van Loon Museum. It is a small museum that is in one of the many patrician houses in the city center, and which also offers the possibility of getting to know one of these houses inside. The house is owned by the aristocrat Van loon, who decided to open it to the public about 30 years ago.

The interesting thing about this museum is seeing the house itself, its rooms, its distribution and its decoration. That's what the museum is about. During the visit you can visit the kitchen, the reception, the garden and some of the private rooms on the first floor. Instead of having a traditional exposition Like all museums, this one is distributed in such a way that it is part of the decoration, which gives the feeling that the family still lives there.

Just like in any other house next to the Amsterdam canal, the kitchen is in the basement of the house, while the reception rooms are on the ground floor and the bedrooms are on the upper floor. The decoration of the rooms has not been affected by the passage of time so you can see the decoration as it was several centuries ago. At the top of the facade there are four sculptures representing war, fire, justice and agriculture (the owner's four sources of wealth).

MUSEUM VAN LOON - Amsterdam Canal House (April 2021)

  • Amsterdam
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