The Ham Route in Huelva

There is no doubt that one of the great attractions of our country is the gastronomy, which has a reputation for being one of the best in the world, so when traveling through our country it is practically mandatory to be seduced by the multitude of flavors and textures it offers. Thanks to that success, different routes can be found to savor some of the most exquisite delicacies we have in the different Autonomous Communities.

Today I would like to write about the Ham Route What is in the province of Huelva and that will take you to pass through various towns such as Jabugo, Alajar or Santa Ana La Real. Huelva ham is one of the best in our country and, therefore, in the world. It is made with Iberian pigs that are raised in the pastures, living in almost freedom and that feed on acorns. A delicious delicacy that also has many nutritional properties.

The route begins in Aracena, a town that has a very important archaeological past and that since you are there it will be worth knowing some of the monuments and buildings that there are. There you will find many places where you can taste a really exquisite ham. From there we follow the route to Alajar, where in addition to eating ham you can find very picturesque streets.

It is then followed towards Wounded Source, a beautiful white town that has been declared a Historic - Artistic Site where you can visit the «Fountain of the Twelve Caños» and the Onuba Gardens, where there is a great variety of plant species. The route continues towards Robledo Chestnut, where you will see a spectacular oak forest. 6 kilometers from there is Jabugo, one of the most important towns on the route.

Jabugo It is a town known throughout the world for having, probably, the best Serrano ham in the world. There are spectacular passages such as the Cueva de la Mora or El Becerro, both of great archaeological importance. From Jabugo you have to go towards Santa Ana la Real, a town where there are many olive, holm oak, cork oak and chestnut trees.

Finally, you have to get to Almonaster the Royal, a town where there is a mosque and a castle that are spectacular and date from the Islamic era.

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