The best beaches of Llanes in Asturias

Llanes It is one of the Asturian municipalities with the most beaches, having more than 30 distributed throughout its 50 kilometers of coastline. Large, small, urban, solitary, very crowded, with rivers, sand, stones ... there is such a variety that makes this municipality one of the best in our country if you want to enjoy the beaches and you like the variety in them. To find a downside, this could be the temperature since the water is around 11ºC in winter and 19 in summer.

There are so many beaches that it is a little complicated to be able to make a good summary without leaving any spectacular out, but what is clear is that the ones that I am going to recommend are undoubtedly the best and are also for very varied tastes. Take note of the best beaches in Llanes:

Guadamía Beach: Also called Aguamía Beach, it is near the town of Llames de Pría and has an irregular shape, with about 80 meters in length of fine white sand. Small but very calm, in addition to the fact that the waters are perfect for swimming since there are no waves. It is a very rural beach, ideal if you are looking for calm.

Cuevas del Mar beach: it is at the mouth of the Nueva river and it is beautiful thanks to the numerous cavities that the waves have formed over the years. Surrounded by cliffs, it has spectacular natural beauty, which makes many people go to it despite being only 125 meters long.

Strike Beach: it is next to the famous castro de las Gaviotas and merges with the mouth of the San Cecilio river, which also leaves a really beautiful landscape. It is also a busy beach and is about 180 meters long.

Torimbia beach: many people say that it is the most beautiful beach in Llanes and the truth is that it is not without reason, and if it is not the most beautiful it is surely among the most beautiful. In the 60s it became the beach that all nudists visited, which is why it became very famous. Today all kinds of audiences visit it thanks to a spectacular cliff about 50 meters high that encloses it. A natural wonder.

San Antolín beach: It is the largest of all the existing thanks to its 1.2 kilometers in length and more than 60 in width. In addition to being the largest, it is also one of the islands with the strongest waves, making it the favorite of the area for lovers of the south.

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