Chocolate Museum in Barcelona

One of the most visited cities in our country is Barcelona, which every year receives millions of tourists from anywhere in the world. There you can find many museums of all kinds, both arts and very curious things. One of the most interesting is the Chocolate Museum, opened in 2000 and which is also a true paradise for chocolate lovers.

In the Xocolata Museum You can learn about the history of chocolate, discovering how it was discovered in South America and later being exported to Europe, where it became a symbol of nobility and wealth. Since then it has been used both as an exquisite delicacy and for aphrodisiac purposes and even in some medicines, and you can check all this in this museum.

After knowing all its history, you will be able to discover all the secrets of its elaboration, having before you an infinity of aromas that end up giving shape to the most exclusive and delicious pieces. In addition, there is an extensive collection of sculptures, all of them carved in chocolate, and an exhibition of tools and machinery that are used for the production of chocolate.

It is a private museum owned by the Barcelona Pastry Guild And not only can you visually enjoy pieces of chocolate but you can also try some of them. Different workshops are organized every month for both children and adults, which will help them become expert chocolatiers. The Barcelona Chocolate Museum is in the Ciutat Vella district, specifically on Carrer Comerç 36 street.

If you are passionate about chocolate or simply curious about its history, it is highly recommended that you spend a couple of hours discovering this museum. I am sure you will not regret it.

Chocolate Museum in Barcelona, Spain (November 2023)

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