The most beautiful beaches in the world

If you have not yet booked your holidaysToday we want to tell you which are the best Beaches in the world so you can choose one of them and enjoy your rest days to the fullest. Take note:

- Seychelles
The pink tones of the Seychelles sand make it worthwhile to scratch your pocket a little more to be there every day you can. La Digue is undoubtedly the most impressive area of ​​the archipelago, it has the Anse Source d’Argent beach which is one of the most photographed in the world.

- Ipanema beach (Rio de Janeiro)
This beach has achieved legendary status especially for its picture-perfect sand and stunning palm trees. It really is a place to enjoy watching beautiful people stroll, as it is the ideal destination for sun lovers who care most about having their sculpturally perfect bodies.

- Bora Bora, Tahiti
Thousands of kilometers of ocean isolate French Polynesia, making it one of the world's most isolated destinations with very spectacular beaches. Strolling along the island's white sandy shores and seeing the lagoon and coral atolls is something that will impress more than one.

- Saint Pete Beach, Florida, USA
Dolphins can be easily seen from this sandy paradise on the west coast of Florida. A walk along the St. Petersburg pier will help you rest from so much sun when it begins to fall.

- Varadero, Cuba
This long peninsula offers an impressive stretch of virgin sand, which stretches over 20 km. Despite being a very touristy place, it still has impressive landscapes and natural attractions such as caves and cays.


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